Saturday, April 2, 2016

Big 3 Tournament Underway!

This hefty common, just shy of 25 lbs., was entered
 on April 3 for our tournament. It is the early leader.
It is only April 2 and already we have a couple of entries in our RI CAG Spring Big 3 Tournament. The tournament began on April 1st and runs till the end of June.  This is our annual RI tournament for our Carp Angler Group members.
Here is how it works.  A member enters his or her biggest carp for the month of April, the biggest for the month of May and the biggest for the month of June. We are going by weight.  We add all the weights together and that is your point total. All fish entered must be caught in RI waters.
Some big fish have been entered in this tournament in the past.  Last year, for instance, we had two THIRTY pound carp entered.  Last year's first and second place winners averaged more than 25 lbs. a fish! And, many of our club members landed a PB (personal best) last year in this tournament, a big achievement.
We have a good number of real good carp fishermen in our club, and it looks like this year's tournament will be very close and very competitive. Good luck to all!
First, second and third place winners in the RI Spring Big 3 will receive
engraved medals provided by the national CAG.

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