Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Change in Strategy.....Playing "Small Ball"

This 15 lb. mirror that sits in the
water was taken by freelining
yesterday.  It was one of 4 fish
landed in 4 different spots.
I coached baseball for many years.  When we were in a tight, low scoring game, we often turned to what was called "small ball". For those not familiar with this term, it means trying to do little things to push a run across.  It might be bunting or stealing or working the count for a walk or settling for singles rather than home runs.
I changed my strategy for carp fishing in the last week, turning to a game of "small ball" with my fishing. I have abandoned the hair rigs, the big sinkers, the 2 rods, the 12 foot rods and the bite alarms.  For the last week I have basically been freelining using one small rod which I am holding.  My strategy has been to hit a number of shallow spots in the morning in the hopes of finding some feeding fish.  Once I find them, I will toss in some bait hoping to get some of them to feed right in front of me.  Then, while taking a stealthy approach, I will very quietly toss in my bait which is just on the hook.  I have been freelining a number of baits in the last week.  They include bread crust, doughballs, sweet corn, maize and mulberries, and I have caught on all of them.
In the last week I have taken exactly 27 carp, and most have fallen to freelining.  These fish have ranged from small ones of a few pounds to fish in the teens. To get an idea just how this "small ball" works, I hit four different spots yesterday morning and came away with four fish.  One spot did not produce while one spot gave up two. The biggest fish was 15 lbs.

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