Friday, June 3, 2016

Chasing Big Stuff

My biggest mirror for the week went
24 lbs.
At this time of year I am targeting large carp.  May into early June is prime time to catch a big one, and if I am going to seriously chase down carp, it is going to be a big one I am going after.
My biggest common for the week went
25 lbs.
This week I got the urge to go out and explore some big carp venues I have not fished in the past.  So, I picked the greatest big carp venue in New England....the Connecticut River. Most experienced carp fishermen know that the CT River gives up more thirty and forty pound carp every year than any other body of water in New England.  It is known nationally as one of the best carp spots around.
The CT River is a big moving flow of water.  It is the type of water I love to fish.  Everything is big about this place...the size of it, the fish, and the current.  You need to use oversized tackle to deal with this spot.  Three ounce sinkers were needed to hold bottom and my 12 foot rods came in mighty handy to cast heavy weights as well as control the large fish that screamed down current. I hadn't fished along here in years, and it was great to get back in this venue for a couple of days.
The big fish are around and hitting. Fishing the CT River as well as other big carp venues this week, I landed a good number of fish from the mid teens to the mid twenties.  My biggest common for the week was 25 lbs. and my biggest mirror was 24 lbs. I had a huge fish on, but unfortunately, it cut my hooklink along the bottom and I lost the fish.  It was like fighting a runaway freight train and I lost this battle.
So, if you are looking for a big fish, now is the time to get out and try. Large fish over 20 and even over 30 lbs. are not in just any waters.  You'll have to find a venue that holds big ones in order to catch one. Good luck!

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