Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sometimes Simpler is Better

This good looking mirror was caught on freelined bread,
and effective and simple way to fish for carp.
I spent several hours yesterday morning carp fishing.  I was using maize and artificials on the hair rig with a method ball. It was all set up on my alarms. To non carp guys this would be complicated stuff.
I got nothing.
A bit later I was scouting anther spot and I noticed a couple of carp grubbing along the bottom stirring up some mud clouds in some shallow water. I had some bread in my bag and decided to toss in a bunch of pieces.  As it floated on the surface the carp took notice.  They cautiously began coming up for the floating pieces.  At that point I cut off my fancy hair rigs and tied on a #8  hook.  On the hook, I impaled a folded, small section of the crust of the bread and tossed it out a short distance.  Well, you can probably guess what happened.  Within seconds a fish came up for the floating offering, inhaled the bait and I was soon fighting a good size mirror.
Carp do love bread and freelining bread is a proven way to catch carp. Yes, sometimes simpler can be better.

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