Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Second Place in National CAG Big 4 Tournament

25 lbs.
25 lbs.
For the last month and a half I have been fishing in the CAG Spring Big 4 national tournament.  This pits carp fishermen from all over North America in a Big 4 shoot out.  The idea is to enter your 4 biggest fish and your poundage total becomes your score.
I have entered this tournament nearly every year in the past ten years, and the best I could ever come up with was 5th place.  Well, this year topped all those other years as I came in 2nd place with a score of 106 lbs., 4 ounces. I had fish of 24/0, 25/0, 25/0 and 32/4. While I have had many years with bigger totals, it all comes down to what the competition scores, and the scores seemed to be low this year compared to past years.  For my second place win, I got a $100 gift certificate to PB Products.
32 lbs. 4 oz.
24 lbs.
I want to also congratulate two of my friends who fished in this contest and who scored in the top 10. Jerome Moisand of MA, a guy I fished with many times in this contest, ended up the overall winner with a whopping score of 120 lbs., 12 oz. Todd Richer of RI fished very hard in the contest and he ended up in 8th place with a score of 73 lbs., 10 oz.  I also fished many times with Todd in the last month.

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