Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bigger Fish Come Alive; 500th Carp Landed

This August "20" was landed
during yesterday's nasty weather.
It took a rainstorm and stormy weather yesterday to liven things up, and it livened things up big time.  While I have been catching small fish on average (under 10 lbs.) in the last several weeks, the bigger ones (10-20 lbs.) made up the majority of the fish I have landed in the last two days. That rain was responsible for an August "20" that I landed yesterday along with a load of fish (12 in all) that I landed this morning.
I've written many times about how nasty weather turns on carp fishing, especially the fishing for larger fish.  I've fished in northeasters, tropical storms and even hurricanes (fished during Sandy), and all of these stormy events have been unbelievable for me. A storm like yesterday's that breaks a streak of warm and sunny weather seems to bring the big fish to life.  I was even catching the end of it this morning in the cooler, higher water.  I suspect that we will get back into the normal, small fish fishing starting tomorrow.
During these good two days, I have landed my 500th carp of the year. I am on a summer roll right now like I have never experienced before with outstanding fishing from July continuing right into August.  It is so good that I have surged ahead of last year's numbers. Last year ended up with over 1300 fish, a record year numbers-wise for me. For that to happen again, I will need a boatload of luck and some favorable late fall, early winter weather.  But, who knows what the rest of the year holds in this game?  Right now, everything is working out.
This hefty mirror, landed this morning, is number 500 on the year!

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