Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How Many Kernels of Corn on the Hair?

This good lize mirror was one
of five carp landed this morning
on just one kernel of maize on
the hair. 
A question I am often asked is "How many kernels of corn do you put on your hair when carp fishing?" As with so many other questions about fishing....it depends.
Yes, just one kernel
can get the job done.
In most instances I use either two or three kernels.  Usually when I fish for larger fish in the cooler weather of spring and fall, I am using a #6 hook that has a longer hair and I generally use three kernels (usually a mix of sweet corn, artificials and maize).  When fishing for smaller fish under 10 lbs., I generally use a #8 hook with a shorter hair length and go with two kernels of corn. Note that I know other successful carp fishermen who will string four or even five kernels on a long hair and they catch good numbers of fish.  I guess a lot of this depends on what you are confident using and what has worked in the past.
However, you will be very surprised at what I have been doing in the last several days. In recent hot days the turtles have been super aggressive and the carp have been very fussy, a bad combination. If I loaded up the bait (method and three kernels of corn), the turtles would be right on it.  To combat the turtles, I have been using only ONE kernel of maize on a small hair and NO method.  That has worked on the fussy carp and the turtles have generally left it alone. Yes, one kernel of corn on the hair can do it, but you have to have a very short hair on your hook for this to work. In the last two days I have landed 9 carp by using just one kernel of maize and no method. Also, I have done little chumming or prebaiting, another thing that lures turtles into your swim.

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