Monday, August 22, 2016

1 Kernel, 1 Week, 50 Carp

Just one kernel of maize on the
hair has been my ticket to success.
This good looking mirror is one of
50 carp landed this week alone.
Wow, this past week has been hot for carp fishing for me. It's unusual to hit big numbers of fish in August, but this past week has been  one of my best weeks in August of all time as I landed 50 carp in the last seven days. They have ranged from little guys to hefty fish in the teens.
The hot ticket to success has been just one unflavored kernel of maize on the hair rig. Every fish in the last week fell for that one kernel. I have been lightly baiting my spot in a tight area close to shore when I arrive and then I will cast to that spot with my bait.  On occasion I have put another bait way out with my second rod.  When I am fishing way out, I am using a small method ball around my one ounce sinker just to get a little extra weight on the cast.
Surprisingly, the turtles are not that keen on attacking that one kernel of maize.  They will take it off once in a while, but for the most part, they leave it alone. Bigger or more plentiful baits are definitely an attraction to turtles.
My discovery of the effectiveness of one kernel of maize has played big this August.  We'll see how long the hot streak lasts.


  1. I have lurked on your blog for years, I love your posts.

    Question- Do you mainly fish rivers or stillwaters?

    Thanks, Sean

  2. I fish both but love fishing moving water. Maybe half my time is spent in rivers, half in still waters. I think the fish in rivers, though, are far more powerful than in still waters.

  3. Agree, also I am typically a short session guy and in those stillwaters if you haven't pre baited much or have their movements timed etc, it can be a lost cause from the getgo. Those river fish can be coaxed upstream with enough packbait or method mix so I always just feel more confident even if I don't have much time.

    Great times though, love the blog. Thanks.