Thursday, September 1, 2016

An August to Remember; 600th Carp of the Year Landed

This hefty common was
number 600 on the year.
It has been an August to remember.  I landed 179 carp in August making this month one of the best numbers-wise I have ever had.  In fact, so far this year, August has been my most productive month.
The strange thing about August fishing is that it can run hot and cold and often holds surprises.  Many years back I remember having a dreadful August in which I landed a mere 19 carp.  And, last year I got a big surprise in August by landing a 30 lb. common, the biggest summer fish I have ever landed. This year the surprise was the big numbers.
In all the hoopla with the big numbers I got my 600th carp of the year last week.  It was a hefty common that fell for one kernel of maize on the hair.
Beginning carp fishermen often ask how I get these big numbers.  My key to success at this time of year is about making adjustments, which is so hard to do for novices who have limited knowledge of locations, baits, patterns and methods. This summer I completely abandoned all my past spots which were not producing in early summer, and I went out and searched for new venues that really paid off.  I also altered by bait, pretty much going with one kernel of maize on the hair in the last month.  That has really worked out.  I also have gone small and light with the hair rig, hooks, and sinker. I have also given up fishing afternoons and evenings and have been concentrating on morning fishing when the temperatures are cooler. It was a combination of all those things that delivered a record August for me.


  1. Dave, are you entering the Connecticut Carp Open in October, 2016

  2. No, I am not. Simply don't have the stamina to last through 60 hours straight. I am basically a short session carper.