Friday, September 9, 2016

RI CAG Combo Fall Combo Tournament off to Good Start

RI CAG member Brian Savage entered this impressive
30 inch FSM mirror in our Fall  Combo Tournament.
We've only been running our Fall Combo Tournament for a week and a half and already our members  have some impressive entries.
Here's how it runs.  CAG members can enter their largest mirror, common and koi over the next three months. Fish must be caught from RI waters. Size will be determined by LENGTH. Our members can enter as many fish as they like but only the biggest will count. The lengths of your biggest fish (in inches) are added up and that becomes your point total. All fish must be released.  Medals provided by CAG will be awarded to the top three finishers.
Already our guys have entered some impressive fish with some commons and mirrors over thirty inches (about 20 lbs.).  Those are terrific fish for this time of year. We have not had a koi entry yet as these fish are hard to find and catch.  The koi will be a wild card in this year's tournament.
Fall is a great time to land a big carp as these fish are going on the feed prior to winter. I suspect we will have some very impressive fish landed in the coming months.

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