Sunday, September 18, 2016

Inconsistent September Fishing So Far

This good looking common was
one of 10 carp landed in a short
period of time this morning. Today
was a good day; the rest of the week
was not!
Ah, the inconsistencies of September carp fishing reared its head this week. The water is warm, it's very low due to lack of rain and it is very weedy.  These conditions all contribute to the inconsistent fishing we find at this time of year.  Add to that the up and down weather which is cool and fall-like one day and summer-like and humid the next.
The past week was running fair to poor for me.  I got out several days in the morning and had a blank, had a day with two fish and had another with three.  This was all in multiple spots. Then, I went out this morning and nailed 10 carp in a two hour span.
This has been my experience with carp fishing in the past in September.  They can be in the mood to hit one day and completely turned off the next.  Doesn't seem to matter the spot or the bait. The inconsistencies of carp fishing are here. Just have to go out and try it and hope it works out.

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