Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cooler Weather Brings Uptick in Activity

Here's a mirror double that was
landed this morning. It was part
of a 12 fish haul. Numbers and
sizes have increased in this cooler
weather.  The fish have begun
their fall feed.
Fall is having its usual effect on carp fishing here in RI.  I have noticed an uptick in activity in the last ten days with more fish as well as bigger fish around.  It all spells the start of the fall feeding for carp as they load up for the upcoming winter.
I am on a September roll.  I landed my 100th carp of the month today in a haul of 12 fish.  I also got my 700th carp of the year last week, the earliest I have ever hit that number.  September has been a good month for me with lots of fish in the 10-18 lb. range.  I've gotten nothing real big but very steady fishing for those mid size fish.
In addition, our RI CAG members have been reporting some impressive fish in the last 10 days in our fall combo tournament.  They have entered numerous common and mirror carp of 30 or more inches (we use length in the fall tourney).  These are real good size fish, and they were all taken in RI waters.
My two biggest RI carp, 33 lbs. and 36 lbs. (RI CAG record), were both caught in the fall.  Need I say more.  This is a great time to get out and catch your carp of a lifetime.

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