Sunday, August 7, 2016

Catching on the "Green Seed"

Green seed pod found
along water's edge
Green seed/maize combo
on hair rig was very effective.
I discovered something today.  After catching a couple of fish, the action just stopped.  While sitting along the shore, I noticed some seed pods coming off a plant close to the water.  So, I decided to grab one and open it.  Inside I found these interesting green seeds that looked like peas but in a more pear shape.  I know from past experience that carp will eat a lot of things that are naturally in their environment like seeds and berries.  So, I decided to hair rig one of these along with a kernel of maize. It took about a whole five minutes before the alarm was screaming and I was fighting a good size mirror. After unhooking that one, I landed two more in quick succession on the green seed/maize combo.  The other outfit that was baited  with maize and sweet corn never got a look.
I have no idea what kind of seed I was using.  I know from past outings in other years that I have caught carp on mulberries and acorn insides, and I know they feed on mulberries, grapes, raspberries, etc.  So, seeds and berries are a standard staple in their diet.
You never know what secrets await when carp fishing, and today was a prime example.
This good looking mirror feel for the maize/green seed combo.

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  1. I think they are the seeds of the common flag iris but dont qwote me on that.interesting all the same mate