Friday, November 15, 2013

Iced Over in the Morning; Productive in the Afternoon Warmth

Today was an interesting day.  I checked out a few spots in the morning, and to my surprise, the place I wanted to fish was completely iced over.  It was skim ice, but nevertheless, the place was covered.  So, I went home, got a few things done, and went back later in the day.  When I went back in the afternoon after the temperatures had warmed considerably, the ice was gone and the fish were active.  It was typical about what can happen when air temperatures and water temperatures are on the rise in late fall and early winter.  I landed 4 mirrors and had several more hits, a real good day at this time of year. Check out the pics of three of the four fish landed today. The key here was that I was fishing the warmest part of the day from 1:00 to 4:00 PM.  From now until the end (late Dec.), that will be the best time of the day to fish, especially after a cold night. The other key today was that I was catching on sweet corn with no method ball.  From now until the end, sweet corn will be the most effective bait to use. I was also fishing a spot that is a good producer at this time of year.  Carp tend to bunch up in the cold and it is a matter of finding those winter spots where big numbers of fish bunch up.  It's a matter of putting in your time in order to find those productive spots.

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  1. I helped land my buddies first ever carp over at Tiogue yesterday around 3:30. We were over at the long stretch of shore. We had chummed a bit with some bread and freelined bread balls on a circle hook. Weighed in at 9lbs. There was another carp following him around and I almost had him if it weren't for my mistake of tying a poor knot. Definitely wanting to get into it more. Might go back today!