Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Kind of Carpin' Weather

This is the first of three commons landed
today in the wind and rain.
I fished just about all day today in the wind and rain, and it was productive.  I love fishing in this kind of weather. It seems to put a charge in the carp, and I have had some of my best fishing days ever on some of the nastiest days imaginable. Hey, compared to last year when I fished in Hurricane Sandy today was a piece of cake.
I landed three commons today, all around ten pounds and had another fish on,  They were all taken on sweet corn fished ahead of a method ball.  The fish were active as I saw several fish jump, and I had a number of taps on my bait in this mild weather.  Just yesterday many of the places I fish were iced over, but all the ice disappeared today in the sixty degree temperatures.  With another cold spell on the way, it looks like the ice might return to these spots and shut the fishing down once again. The roller coaster ride continues.

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