Friday, November 1, 2013

Should have been better.....

This is one of two small mirrors that ended a
disappointing day.  The fish was caught on maize.
Today should have been better.  It had "big day" written all over it.  We had a perfect late fall set up. The weather had been cold all week.  Yesterday turned warm with a warm night followed by a warm, rainy day today. That pattern usually lights up the fall fishing.  But, the carp were not cooperating. Ah, the inconsistency of fall carp fishing!
I got out today with three fellow RI CAG carpers.  We fished two different venues that had produced in past years at this time.  In all I saw one fish roll and that was it.  We had no hits.  Think about it....4 experienced carpers, 8 rods out, 4 hours of fishing and NOTHING.  It should have been better.
I did salvage the day as I stopped at another venue on my way home and managed two small mirrors in a couple of hours. Also, had another fish on. So, two small ones was better than nothing I suppose, but in my mind the day was disappointing. 

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