Saturday, November 23, 2013

Not Your Typical November

This is one of three decent commons caught on
this cold day using sweet corn.
I went out this week on Wednesday morning to one of my productive "small" late season carp spots.  When I got there I was shocked to see the place completely frozen over with a thin coating of ice.  This has never happened in recent memory in this location at this time of year.  But, this is not your typical November.
The weather along with the fishing has been on a roller coaster ride this November. Overall, the weather has been colder than normal, and I believe that has led to one of the most inconsistent Novembers I have ever fished.  I have been out every day in the last 6 days.  I blanked three of the days and caught fish the other three days.  Today, I went out with little expectations of catching anything on this cold day.  Besides, I had blanked on the last two outings.  Well, it turned out to be a decent outing as I landed three commons, all around 10 lbs. I got them all on Pecaviva sweet corn fished ahead of a method ball.  All of the fish also came in the early afternoon sun when things had warmed up a bit.
So, if you can put up with the cold, the inconsistencies, and the blanks, you may just luck into a decent day once in a while.  That's carp fishing this November, 2013.

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