Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Persistence Pays Off

Most fishermen would hang it up at this time of year.  Carp fishing is so inconsistent in late fall that it seems like there are just as many blanks as there are productive days. But, persistence can pay off.  I had been having a miserable two days of trying to find any fish.  I went without as much as a hit in those two days in some good spots.  The weather was just right but the carp were not in the mood.  Today everything was wrong.  It was cold, very windy and very sunny.  Yet, the fish were hitting.  I landed three commons and a mirror and all the fish were decent from 10-13 lbs. (see one of them at left). They all were taken on pineapple flavored Pescaviva, a form of durable sweet corn. By the way, Pescaviva is no longer sold.  I had been saving a can of it for the "tough times".
I even saw a few fish jumping today so they were active.  It all goes to show you just have to get out and try it regardless of the weather. So long as there is open water, I plan to continue fishing.

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