Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hotspots Change With the Seasons

I caught this nice size mirror in one of my
cold weather spots today.  The carp fishing
 hotspots tend to change with the seasons.
That spot that was producing in either the spring or the summer probably isn't giving up fish right now. One thing I've learned after 20 years of serious carp fishing is that hotspots usually change with the seasons.  Since this cold spell hit last week I have abandoned my early fall spots in favor of late fall and winter locations.  While I am not killing the fish in these cold weather locations, I am catching a steady couple of fish an outing.
Knowing those spots that produce in late fall comes from years of experience.  I've been keeping logs for all those years I have fished.  The logs tell me which spots are productive at certain times and which are not, and you can clearly see patterns that develop over the years. My list of productive spots in late fall is a short list.
Here is one interesting note from all my logs. I have never caught a carp in the Blackstone River here in RI after Nov. 1.  I can't tell you why, but the river shuts down in the cold weather.


  1. Do your cold weather hotspots show relating factors such as depth, water movement, etc? Or have you simply found where the fish congregate in the colder weather over years of fishing?

  2. I have found where they congregate at this time from a lot of trial and error and patterns that I see in logs of past years. I have been keeping logs for about 15 years now.