Friday, October 4, 2013

Newest RI CAG Member Scores PB Common

Our newest member to join the RI CAG (RI Carp Anglers Group) is Eric.  He joined last night.  That must have been a lucky move because today we went fishing and Eric scored a PB (personal best) common carp of 21 lbs. 8 oz. The fish was not long but had a big stomach that looked as if it swallowed a beer barrel. And, it put  up one heck of a fight.
You might remember that Eric.  He was the photographer that I took out earlier in the year.  He has been lucky on the times we have gone fishing, but he is also a fast learner and a fisherman who sticks with it and really puts in his time.  He has landed many twenties (commons and mirrors) this year, a fantastic start for a first year carp fisherman. So, congrats Eric on your new PB and may you score many more.
RI CAG members often fish a lot together.  I try to take all new members out and personally show them the ropes.  We also offer fish-ins and get togethers and the CAG national club offers events, contests, Forum threads for members, discounts and an e-magazine.  If you join the CAG, you automatically become a RI CAG member.  If you are interested in joining you can sign up on the CAG website at

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  1. Dave,
    always a pleasure fishing with you!
    you're a mentor and an ambbasador to the sport! E