Monday, October 7, 2013

500th Carp for 2013

Today I landed my 500th carp for the year.  It was a common of 18 lbs. (see pic).  Every year I have several goals.  One of them is to catch 500 that one.  My second goal is to catch at least one thirty pound fish....I've got two of them so far.  And, finally, I try to get a good number of fish over 20 that also.
The last two seasons I ended up with 738 carp in 2011 and 729  carp in 2012 according to my logs that I keep.  I doubt that I will hit the 700 mark this year, but 600+ seems to be a real possibility.  I'd be more than satisfied with that number.

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  1. How has ryco pond been producing at this time of year? I figured id ask before I spend my Saturday morning there