Friday, October 18, 2013

Hot Stuff

This decent common took a combo bait
that included 2 kernels of maize along
with an orange 6 mm Mistral boilie.

This has been a real good week of carp fishing for me.  I've been getting good numbers of good size fish from 10-20 lbs.  The common theme has been the carp have ALL been caught on combo baits that have included a 6 mm Mistral boilie.  These smaller than normal boilies are unique in that they are pop ups, meaning they float.  When used in combination with other baits, they give the bait a slight lift that the carp find very appealing.  In addition, these boilies come in glowing colors that the carp also find attractive.  I've used these boilies along with chick peas, maize and doughballs.  All have proved to be effective. Today I landed 4 good size commons using two kernels of maize along with an orange Mistral boilie that was all fished on the hair rig.  In addition, I am also using a method ball.

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