Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nighttime Adventure

Catfish and horned pout are
active nighttime feeders.
This mirror was taken tonight.
It hit a boilie/maize bait combo.
With darkness coming earlier and earlier, this is the time to get out and go carpin at night.  I've been doing this on a regular basis for the last couple of weeks and getting some fish here and there.  I've been getting carp as well as horned pout.  Pouts as well as catfish are known nighttime feeders. If you are planning to try carp fishing at night here are a few tips:
*Do everything you would do in the daytime.  Baits and rigs are the same.
*Get yourself a good headlamp.  It's a must.
*Bite alarms are also a must.  They make an audible sound and light up on the hit.
*Focus on fishing safe spots that are close to your car.  I also like to fish in places that are lighted with street lights.
*Such places like the Tiogue Lake causeway, the Twin River causeway (Rt.7), and parts of Roger Williams Park are all safe places to fish that are lighted.

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