Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beautiful Scenery; Good Fishing

One of six carp landed today.
Today was one of those days that you didn't have to catch a fish to enjoy just being outside.  The weather was beautiful and the scenery was gorgeous.  As a bonus the fish were hitting.  I'm on a hot October roll with some of the best numbers of fish I have ever taken this month.  Most of the carp I'm catching are good size fish from the teens to the low twenties.  Today, for instance, I landed 6 carp, from 10-20 lbs. I went out this morning and landed a few fish and went back in the evening/night and landed a few more.  They seem to be hitting at all times of the day as the carp are clearly on the fall feed.  The hot bait lately for me has been chick peas on the hair rig fished ahead of a method ball. 

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