Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Big Carp in Small Spots

This 22 lb. common was landed in a "small"
spot in 2-3 feet of water.  Small spots can hold big carp.
I've broken with my own tradition and am fishing a number of new September and October spots.  Many of these are what I would call "small" spots.  By small spots I mean small ponds, canal areas, shallows in a river, and other places with shallow water (say under 3 feet).  You can't believe how many of these places can hold some very large carp.
Today I fished a new small spot where I had never caught a carp.  I baited the place up last evening and hit it this morning.  I hit the jackpot on my first fish with a beautiful 22 lb. common.  A while later I had a 10 lb. common in the net.  Still an hour later I had a monster on that eventually took me into a tree branch and got away. All these fish were landed on the doughball/maize combo bait fished on a hair rig ahead of a method ball.  Wow, this was an eye opener!
If you do find a productive small spot, here are a few suggestions that might add some success.  Try to prebait these places, and prebait more than one spot in the area.  Go light on the tackle.  Fish in small spots tend to be spooky and super selective.  If you do catch a fish, move to a new location after landing the fish.  Carp that are fighting and thrashing around in a couple of feet of water tend to scare off others that might be hanging around the area.

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