Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Rare Double

This double was a first.  The catch was a 10 lb. common
along with a 13 lb. mirror.
This has been a big year for doubles for me.  But, today's double, my seventh of the year, came with a big surprise.  It was the first time I have ever landed a common and a mirror on at the same time. The first alarm went off and I fought the fish and got it just about to the net when the second alarm went off.  So, while fighting two fish at once, I rushed the first fish to the net and fought the other.  Once in close, I grabbed the other with the net that held the first fish.  Now, I have two hooked fish in the net at the same time.  When I finally got a good look at them, I realized I had one common (about 10 lbs.) and a mirror (about 13 lbs.).  That was a first for me.
Today's catch were those two carp along with three more decent fish.  The hot bait today was a maize/doughball combo (see photo at left) fished on a hair rig and fished ahead of an oatmeal based method ball. This has been a hot bait combo in the last month.


  1. Are doughballs just rolled up bread?

  2. Yes, they are the white part of a piece of bread. Very simple....take a small amount, knead and compress the bread and form it into a small ball the size of a marble. I like to let it sit in the sun to harden then I hair rig it. Works great alone or as a combo bait with something else (maize). By the way....also a great catfish bait.

  3. Will keep in mind! Thanks. Would using a method ball increase my chances? Or prebaiting with bread?

  4. Hey dave I have been going carpin recently I a pond near me in east providence but puts out no where near the size fish you catch was thinking anout checking the blackstone but dnt know any spots there any tips