Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sometimes Night Time is the Right Time

In the next couple of months I will do more night fishing for carp than any other time of year.  Most fishermen don't realize that carp do feed well at night, especially in the fall when they are really on the feed fattening up for winter. In addition, it gets dark real early in the fall so you have a lot of time to fish in the darkness. 
I know nighttime fishing is not for everyone. Sitting in a chair at night in total darkness and eerie quiet waiting for a hit seems crazy to a lot of non fishermen.  However, there is an excitement to nighttime fishing.  There is nothing like a screeching alarm and its light excitedly flashing to get the adrenalin pumping.  I will also tell you that over the years I have landed some very large carp at night and that keeps me coming back for more. I fish for stripers all the time at night so carp fishing at night is no big deal for me.
Tonight I fished the Blackstone River in the evening into the night.  I wasn't getting anything fishing way out in deeper water.  But, I noticed a fish grubbing at night right in front of me in about a foot of water.  From experience I know that carp will come in very close to feed under cover of darkness.  So, I put out a flip cast of about 10-15 feet with both outfits.  That did is as the alarm went off about 10 minutes later.  A good fight ensued in total darkness and soon I flipped on my headlight to see a big mirror carp at my feet (check out photo of fish at left).  Yes, they do hit at night.

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  1. Hi,

    In the Netherlands we fish a lot at night. A lot of my fellow fishermen sleep in bivvies on there stretchers while fishing. At night carp are feeding maby more than during daytime. I only fish with the float and last weekend I landed 4 carp in the night. On the float I use a glowstick. It is realy sick how great this fishing is. Swosh..away in the darkness of the water your glowstick goes, when a carp bites the bait. Great stuff! Nice blogarticle.