Saturday, September 14, 2013

Charged Up

The weather is turning cooler and the water temps are dropping.  Every year about this time I notice the carp reach their peak strength.  Maybe it's the cooler water, maybe it's because they are on the feed.  For whatever reason, they seem to be stronger right now than any other time.
Here's the proof:
*I got out with my friend Nick a couple of days ago.  Nick had a screamer of a hit.  His line took off as if it was tied to a rocket.  The fish just continued ripping line after it was hooked.  I would have bet Nick had a fish in the mid twenties.  It turned out to be a 17 lber., a fish that seemed to be on steroids.
* I fished in a small spot this morning.  I hooked a fish that was about 6 or 7 lbs. It started ripping line (15 lb. test) and pulling drag, heading for a bush.  I pushed my  palm against the spool to add pressure to the drag.  It didn't help as the bulldog of a fish pulled me into the bush.
*Tonight I fished the Blackstone River.  I hooked a fish that tore down the river. I was using my 12 foot rod, an Okuma Avenger reel and 20 lb. test line.  Even with the heavy artillery in use, the fish continued ripping drag.  I figured I had a fish at least 20 lbs.  It turned out to be a 12 lb. mirror (see picture), one of the strongest 12 lb. I have ever caught in either fresh or saltwater.
In my mind, carp are some of the best fighting fish in freshwater, but at this time of year they are simply extraordinary


  1. Do you use a method ball at the river?

  2. I always use a method ball when fishing for large fish in big places like the river. In small spots with small fish I don't usually use a method ball.