Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Best Two Day Haul in Months

The carp are on the fall feed, especially in the places I have been fishing in the last two days. Maybe it's this cool weather and cold nights that have set the feeding in motion.  I landed a total of exactly 26 carp in the last two days. I haven't landed numbers like this since the spring.  These fish have ranged from small ones of a couple of pounds to fish in the upper teens (see photos of two of them at right and left).  They have all come from two different venues that I have been baiting and fishing.  The hot bait continues to be unflavored maize fished on a hair rig with a method ball packed around the 1 oz. sinker.  Note that at least a quarter of these fish have been taken after dark.  I have already mentioned in previous posts that carp do feed well after dark at this time of year.  The carp are on the fall feed right now!

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