Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Double Mania

Today's double turned out to be two decent size commons.
These fish hit hair rigged maize fished ahead of a method ball.
This will not be a record year for me in terms of numbers of fish, however I have landed more doubles this year than I ever caught.  Today I landed my sixth double of the year.  A double is two fish on at the same time while fishing with two rods.  It usually happens to me a couple of times a year, but for some reason it has happened with more frequency this year.  Just luck I suppose.
This has been a very good last couple of days of carp fishing for me.  Yesterday it was 5 fish; today it was 9 fish.  These are very good numbers of carp at this time of year.  They seem to be hitting at all times with some fish coming in the morning, some falling in the evening and some even coming after dark.  The common thread here is that all the fish are falling for hair rigged maize.

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