Monday, September 9, 2013

Prebaiting with American Chop Suey....Huh?

This 12 lb. common was caught in a spot
that was prebaited with American chop suey.
We had some leftover American chop suey in the fridge that my wife wanted to feed to the garbage disposal.  I said, "Hold on, I can use it for chumming." I know from past experience that some of the guys at the Merrimack River have chummed pasta, so why not this which is basically made with elbow macaroni and tomato sauce, two things carp do like. I'm not sure whether they go for the hamburg.
Well, it has worked.  A couple of days ago I landed a nice size common in a spot prebaited with the American chop suey. Today I landed 5 mirrors in a place that was prebaited with the chop suey.
Carp like any product made from wheat.  Stuff like bread and pasta fit the bill.  They also like such table fare as rice, potatoes, peas, crackers, nuts and any kind of cake-like dessert.  Add to the list dry dog food, dry cat food and bird seed. All of these things can be prebaited to lure carp to a swim.
While I prebaited American chop suey, I did catch the fish on maize.  I haven't quite figured out how to hair rig a piece of elbow macaroni. 

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