Friday, September 6, 2013

Change in Venue Produces

I never stay anchored to one spot, especially when that spot is not producing.  This happened this past week.  I was catching carp in one location for about a week, but then that spot died with the change in weather.  Two blanks and I was out of there.
So, I have been moving around and I found a decent spot from my list of places I fish.  Tonight I landed two good size mirrors from this location (see photos).
Most experienced carp fishermen have a number of "good spots" that they fish regularly.  I actually have about 10 spots or venues that I fish a lot.  They all are unique in some way. Some of these are good spring spots, some good fall spots, some produce on rainy days, some are good on sunny days, some are good in high water and some are good in low water. I've come to these conclusions from a lot of hours fishing in these locations over the years.  Most are within five miles of where I live.  So, if one place is not producing, I get out of there and try another.  That thinking has worked for me in the last few days and led to some decent catches.

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