Thursday, October 24, 2013

Carp Fishing Cools Off With the Weather

Carp fishing has taken a dive in this cold weather.  In the last three days I have landed exactly three mirrors that I found in one particular spot.  Other than that it has been one blank after another in various locations.  Contrast that with last week when I was getting five or six quality fish an outing.
This is a taste of late fall fishing.  It will be inconsistent from now until the end, and the fishing will be greatly influenced by the weather.  I find that when water temperatures are on the way down the fishing cools right off.  However, when water temps are on the increase the fishing perks up.  That explains why a warm day in December can produce while a cold day in October shuts the fishing right down.
Regardless of how good or bad the fishing is, I plan on going right until the ice comes.  For me worthwhile fishing continues right into December and even beyond if the weather remains warm.

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