Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hot Stuff

This decent size mirror
was caught this
morning on maize
flavored with One On
pineapple butternut.
This flavor from One On Baits has
been very hot lately.
One of my big discoveries this summer has been flavoring from One On Baits (http://www.oneonbait.com/shop/41446).  I won a supply of a lot of different flavors from this company when I won the Big Mirror Award in this year's CAG Big 4 contest. 
In the last couple of weeks I have been exclusively using maize flavored with One On's Pineapple Butternut flavor.  This is real concentrated liquid flavor and I add it to my maize.  I boil my own maize (whole kernel corn from Tractor Supply), and when it is still hot I transfer some into a small container.  Then I add the flavoring.  While I am not completely sold on flavoring during some times of the year, this stuff has really worked for me in the heat of the summer.  I have been fishing it alone or in combination with an artificial corn.  Either way it has really worked and has taken all those 20 lb. carp that I have landed in August.
I will also tell you that I have tried other flavors from One On Baits.  Their Scopex works well, and I also had real good luck in the spring with a pineapple banana flavor.

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