Tuesday, August 26, 2014

0 to 2 in 5 Seconds!

It's been a poor couple of days
of fishing but this double
proved to be the thrill of the day!
I had been having a bad week  of fishing.  Yesterday I fished in the morning and again in the evening and got nothing, not even a hit.  So, this morning when I went out I wasn't expecting much. After setting out the two rods and tidying up my stuff, I settled into my chair. All of a sudden an alarm screams off.  I jump off the chair, grab the rod, click the reel in gear and the drag starts humming. No more than five seconds into the fight the other alarm screams off.  I stick the first rod  between my knees and grab the other outfit that is running off.  Now, I am into a double.  Anyone who has ever had a double knows this is a Chinese fire drill  and a contortionist act all rolled up into one adrenalin rush.  Well, after shifting the outfits from my knees to my hands and gaining a little line at a time, and doing this numerous times with both outfits I finally landed yet another double. These were two good looking mirrors.  I would like to tell you that this broke my slump, but I only got one other fish this morning and I went back tonight and blanked.
But, that double sure was a thrill in an otherwise dull week.

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