Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Right Hook

This carp was hooked with an Umpqua Tiemco TMC #8 hook.
These are moderately priced and very reliable hooks.
I've done this type of post loads of time in the past, but it is worth repeating.  The hook you use for carp fishing is probably the most important component of your rig.  Here is summary of what to look for in hooks:
*SIZE-  Carp have a really small round mouth so you need to use a small hook.  Most beginners are using hooks that are way too big.  Most experienced carp fishermen are using a size #6 hook.  If you are after small carp under 10 lbs., consider a #8.  Some fishermen who target large carp use a #4.
*SHAPE-  The ideal carp hook is a short shank hook with no baitholder barbs. Circle hooks offer no advantage since carp are always hooked in the lip when using a hair rig.
*BRANDS- I think the best buy in carp hooks is an Umpqua Tiemco TMC fly tying hook sold by Fishwest ( ).
This hook is moderately priced and sells for about 30 cents apiece. I am using these hooks about 80%of the times I am fishing.  By the way, Fishwest offers free shipping. Most real serious carp guys will go for the Euro hooks made specifically for carp fishing.  These tend to be super sharp and super strong, ideal for big carp over 20 lbs.  Check out the hooks online at or In the past, I have used Fox Amour Point hooks and Kamassan Carp Max hooks.  I use these when targeting big carp over 25 lbs. These specific carp hooks are very good, but very expensive.  Most will run about 50-75 cents apiece.  I know many guys use Eagle Claw hooks like a model 184 or 84 because they are found in most tackle shops.  These are inexpensive and will work with small carp.  However, they will bend under the weight of a heavy fish.  If your Eagle Claw comes with baitholder barbs, consider crushing them before use.

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