Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ploddding Along

It's been one, two or three fish an outing in the last week.
Best action seems to come in the morning when the weather
is cooler.
Nothing great to report. I seem to have settled into typical August fishing.  It's just fair, and I have been able to pick up a fish or two every outing while avoiding the blank for the most part.  In my mind these beautiful, warm, sunny, bluebird days are the worst types of days for carp fishing. My best success in the last week has come in the mornings in the cooler weather.  Evenings seem to yield very little until right at dark when the alarm usually goes off. It seems to be a one fish deal in the evening.
The pests are really bothersome also.  In addition to the carp I have caught numerous horned pout, suckers and snapping turtles. These pests have also been masters at bait stealing.
So, it's August, a month in which the carp fishing just seems to plod along. Bring on the cooling rains of September and the fishing will light up.  Can't wait!

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