Sunday, August 10, 2014

Very Slow Going

The rod tips have hardly moved and the alarms have
been silent in the last few days.  The August doldrums
have arrived.
The August doldrums have arrived.  I had been doing well in the beginning of the month when we had a little shot of cool and wet weather, but the fishing has hit the skids in the last few days.  I got out yesterday and fished some very good spots in the morning and evening.  I got one small carp about three pounds and that was it.  Today I followed the same pattern but fished different locations.  The result was the same with one small carp. Hey, it's August, a time of the year when carp fishing bottoms out. Things will improve as we move toward fall, with cooler weather that will lower the water temperature. With the seven day forecast calling for beautiful, sunny weather, don't expect the fishing to improve any time soon.

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