Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Mediocre May so Far

It's been a mediocre May so far.  Numbers are
down and sizes are down.  But, still plenty
of time left to nail that big one!
Most carp fishermen around here will tell you that May is the very best month of the year to fish for carp.  The fish are usually their most active in this prespawn period.  Over the years I have caught the majority of my big fish (over 30 lbs. into the 40's) in the month of May.
But, so far this year, May has been just mediocre for me.  I'm averaging 2 carp an outing for May, way off compared to other Mays when I got an average of 4 or 5 fish an outing.  I have no real big ones yet with the biggest going in the low twenties.
I must be the only one in RI  hoping this string of beautiful, sunny days comes to an end. It is not the greatest of conditions to fish in the daylight hours.  In the past I have had some real big days in stormy, rainy weather in May. We haven't seen a drop of rain so far this month.  Some storminess could really light up the fishing.
There is still a lot of time left to the month and I know that just one fish could really make my spring. I am on the prowl for that high 30 or even 40 lber. Might just never know in this game.

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