Sunday, May 10, 2015

Big Numbers Weekend

This decent size mirror carp
laying in the water was one of
15 carp landed today in two short
sessions. It was a big weekend
of fishing for me and other RI
CAG members.
In the last post I wrote about how carp fishing for May has been mediocre so far.  Well, that changed for me this weekend as I hit some big numbers of fish.  My totals for Saturday and Sunday were 23 carp landed.  Just today I had 15 of them, making this the biggest day in terms of numbers this year. And, I landed all these fish in multiple locations.  That tells me that the fish have suddenly gotten active all over the state in this warm weather.  While I wish I could tell you these were all big fish, I did not have a 20 lber. in the bunch although I put in a good amount of time in some big fish spots.  My fish for the weekend haul went 6-16 lbs. They were all caught on many kinds of bait from sweet corn to double pop-up boilies to maize and artificials.
While I was having a big weekend of carp fishing, other RI CAG members were also hitting it big.  Todd Richer reported an impressive day of fishing on Saturday with good numbers of good size fish.  Daphne Forster banked a couple of big ones into the twenties.  And, RI big carp hunter, Kev Wasliewski, had a banner weekend knocking off big numbers of fish and big ones to boot with a 28 lber. topping his list.  You can read about Kev's adventures on his blog at Dark Carping.

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