Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Best Day of the Year

This 27 lb. mirror was one of five fish over 20 lbs. taken
on this warm and sultry day. 
A big day seems to come along every May for me and today was THE day. It was warm and sultry and the fishing was simply as hot as it gets at this time of the year.  I had my best outing of the year banking over 200 lbs. of carp! The big fish totals were just staggering.....5 fish over 20 lbs., which included two 27 lb. hogs, and 9 more fish in the 15-19 lb. range. In addition, I lost two other good fish.
The hot bait ticket today was just what I had posted yesterday....that combo of sweet corn and a pink pop-up fished off the hair rig (see photo at right) and fished ahead of a method ball. That was the same bait combo that produced that 40 lb. monster that I landed last year around this time.
I suspect the fish were in a prespawn mode today as there were a lot of them bunched up in one location, a phenomenon that usually happens before spawning.

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