Friday, May 1, 2015

New Bait Combo Really Producing

The hot bait combo has been a
kernel of  ESP artificial corn matched
with a Nash 10 mm pop-up boilie.
Keep in mind that color
contrast has been
Most carp fishermen who read this blog know that I am really high on using combo baits. In the last week I have landed good numbers of carp by using pop-up combo baits. The hot combo for me has been a small, 10 mm pop-up boilie (Nash) combined with a pop-up kernel of artificial corn (ESP brand).  This combo is completely buoyant and floats about 5 inches (length of hooklink) above the sinker when on the bottom.  I am also mixing up colors, with one of my best combos being a yellow boilie with a red kernel artificial corn.I've also used orange and pink kernels of corn. I am also using a method ball packed around the sinker. This has fooled a number of big carp this week with most of my fish in the high teens to twenty pounds.

This is one of many good size carp landed this week on the new
pop-up bait combo.

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