Saturday, September 26, 2015

Nighttime Action Far Outpacing Daytime

This was one of three carp landed
tonight after dark. Hair rigged maize
did the trick.
Things have perked up a bit in the last few days for me.  That's because I am fishing much more at night.  The same spots that will not produce as much as a twitch in the daytime are giving up three or four runners in the dark of night.  Not exactly hot fishing, but not blanking either.
Tonight I got out for a couple of hours after dark.  I had four screaming runs.  Man, that screeching alarm really cuts through the quiet of darkness and gets the adrenalin rushing.  I landed three out of the four runs.  They amounted to two mirrors and a common and all were under ten pounds. While not large fish, they were feisty.  All were caught on hair rigged maize with no method ball.
As I drove home the temperature outside was a cool 49 degrees.  With cold nights forecast for this week, the carp fishing should continue to perk up here in RI.

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