Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Heavy Rain, Gusty Winds Light up Fishing

I've carp fished in hurricanes, tropical storms and northeasters, and I can tell you that for two hours this
morning the weather was as nasty as anything I've fished in. The rain was falling in wind driven sheets. And, like all those other bad weather days, today's storm just lit up the fishing. The fish were active and charged up, more so than I have seen them since the spring and early summer.  They were rolling around, sending off bubble trails, shooting out of the water like missiles and they were HITTING.  I put 11 fish on the bank today with sizes going upwards to 20 lbs.  I also had a lot of other bangs, hits and taps.  These were not horned pout or turtles.  They are not active in this nasty weather.
The hot bait today was a combination of maize and a white pop-up artificial corn fished on the hair rig.  I was using a method ball ahead of the bait.  With nasty weather forecast for the next few days, it will be an opportune time to get out and fish. Bring on the wind and rain!
This large carp coming to the net was one of 11 fish landed today during the storm.

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