Saturday, October 3, 2015

White Pop-Ups Hot

In the last few days of lousy weather I have caught a lot of carp and a lot of big ones.  ALL of those fish have been caught on the same bait..... two kernels of maize combined with a kernel of white, floating, artificial ESP corn which acts as a pop-up to my baits.  This artificial gives the bait some lift, something the carp find appealing when nudging a bait.  The pop-up makes a big difference in your bait and often separates those who are catching and those who are blanking.
This is a hot bait
combination right
now...2 kernels of
maize and one kernel
of white artificial corn.
Color is an interesting thing in carp fishing.  Back in the spring I was using a lot of pink and orange artificials in combination with sweet corn or maize.  Those were hot colors for spring carp fishing.  Yet, it is the white that is working best for me this fall. I've seen this pattern in other years where certain colors work better than others in different seasons. I've noted this fall that if I am fishing two outfits and one has an orange pop-up and one has a white, the white is getting far more fish for me.
So, carp fishing is constant experimentation to find what catches best.  Right now it is the WHITE pop-up in combination with maize.

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