Friday, October 23, 2015

Zooming Past 700 Fish; Record Year in the Making!

The big numbers this week
have been a mix of commons
and mirrors. Here is a double
landed this morning.
I am on a feakin' fall roll like you would not believe.  Already October has been a record month for me with 110 carp on the bank, and I have a week of fishing left. Today, my numbers on the year zoomed past 700 fish for 2015.  At this point I have 715 fish.
My all time record numbers-wise is 749 fish for the year and that happened last year.  With a little luck and going on the pace I am on, I might even reach that by the end of October.  And, I have two full months to go. Years ago I would have told you 800 carp on the year would have been humanly impossible for me, but that number is reachable with a good November and December.
This good looking common is number 700 on the year.
I have been moving around and fishing a number of spots, all generally places I have not fished before or places I have fished at different times of the year in the past. They have all been producing.  I seem to be catching an equal mix of commons and mirrors. For instance, I got out this morning and banked 9 commons and 9 mirrors. Interestingly, I have gotten nothing really large (over 20 lbs.) on this good streak, but my average fish has been over ten pounds. Earlier in the month I was catching good numbers of 20's but less fish.
At this time of year I fish saltwater more than freshwater.  The numbers are stacking up with a minimum amount of effort as I am putting in about 3 hours a morning.
The top bait for me has been sweet corn on the hair along with an oatmeal based method ball packed around the sinker up ahead of the bait. I am using no flavoring, a trend that I have continued with most of the year.

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