Thursday, October 8, 2015

Kayaking to Remote Locations

Our national CAG was running a Discovery Month contest this month.  The idea was to discover a spot where no one has fished before and to catch a carp there and write about it.  I used my kayak as a means to get me into a place that had no shore access and was impossible to fish unless you got there by boat.  I paddled a good distance to the location and then found a place to set up on shore and fished there. I ended up finding a good spot and catching some good numbers of mirror carp up to 14 lbs.
When you think about it, a kayak is a stealthy craft that will get you off the beaten path and into some out-of-the-way locations.  There are tons of places in lakes and along the Blackstone River in both RI and MA that would be ideal to paddle to.  In low water such as we have now, it is easy to land a kayak and fish. I'll bet in many of those spots, the carp there have never seen a bait.
Here's a good spot I discovered with my kayak. A kayak can get you into undiscovered and remote  waters

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