Thursday, October 29, 2015

Record Numbers for 2015; 800 Carp Next Goal

This good size mirror, number 750 on the year, was the fish
that broke my personal yearly record, numbers-wise.
This has been a blistering month of fishing for me.  At this point I have 175 carp for the month, far surpassing any October I have ever seen.  That has boosted my yearly total to 780 fish.  This makes 2015 my personal best year numbers-wise.  Last year I had landed 749 carp according to my logs, and that was my previous best year.  With two months to go (yes, I do plan to fish right until the end of December), I can't guess what the total will be. A lot will depend on the weather.
Yesterday was a real hot day of carping for me.  With bad weather on the way and the barometer dropping, the carp were in a feeding mood.  I landed 20 fish with many going over 10 lbs. In a month of hot fishing, yesterday's outing was one of my best days of the fall.

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