Wednesday, October 21, 2015

40 Carp in 4 Days

For me, carp fishing has been as hot as it gets at this time of year. I am on a fall roll, landing 40 carp in the last 4 days. And, I have not fished a whole lot, mostly fishing for about three hours in the morning. After those cold days last weekend, the fish have become super active in the warm days that followed. Most of the fish I have been catching have been decent size, running 8-17 lbs.  I have gotten no twenties, but I am not complaining.  At this time of year, a teen fish is a good catch!
One change I have made in my fishing is the return to sweet corn for bait. The cold snap has made the pests dormant and the sweet corn has been far outfishing the maize when I have used both baits.
Another change I have made is that I am exploring and fishing a lot of new spots.  Carp fishing involves a lot of exploring, and when you stumble on something hot, as I have, you generally have fantastic fishing all to yourself.  I have been fishing "off the beaten path" this week and really scoring.
The fishing has been hot with 40 fish landed in the last 4 days alone!

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