Monday, September 14, 2015

Nighttime Producing

Here's nice mirror caught a few nights ago on maize.
Most carp fishermen who know me know that I don't fish a lot after dark for carp.  My schedule on most days is to fish for carp in the morning/early afternoon and then fish for stripers in the evening/nighttime.  Can't be two places at the same time!  But, fall is the time of year I do fish more and more for carp at night. With darkness setting in early, I will go out at night and try for them when I am not fishing at saltwater.
In the last week I have fished a number of times for carp after dark, and it has been good. Other RI CAG members have also been scoring decent fish at night. Carp will go on  the feed in fall and with water temperatures still warm.  And, with the air temps relatively mild at night, carp fishing is just as productive at night as it is in the daytime.
It's done the same way at night as in the daytime.  Baits at the same, good spots remain good.  The one thing I have noticed, though, is that carp will feed much closer to shore after dark.  That cover of darkness gives them a sense of security, and they will sometimes come so close to shore that I have spooked them right in front of me when getting up from my chair.
Night fishing will work well until the weather turns colder.  It works terrific in Sept. and Oct, but quickly dies out when the nighttime temperatures really drop in November.  So, if nighttime fishing is your thing, it's prime time right now.

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